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Car Parking

Frenchgate Shopping Centre is ideally located in the heart of Doncaster with a secure car park, accessible via two entrances; Rooftop and Multi-Storey both are open 24 hours.
The Long-Stay Rail car park is accessed via the Multi-Storey entrance and is operated by LNER, ideal for rail users.

Rooftop Car Park: Accessed via West Laith Gate and ideal for those driving into Doncaster from the South along the A638 or from the West on the A630. With 340 spaces, 16 of which are disabled, this car park provides access into the Multi-Storey car park for further parking.

Multi-storey: Accessed via Church View and ideal for those driving into Doncaster from the North along the A630 this car park has 846 spaces with a mixture of disabled and parent/child parking spaces.

Rail parking (long stay): Accessed via the Multi-Storey car park entrance off Church View, this car park is ideal for rail users and has 480 spaces, 10 of which are disabled parking spaces.

Shoppers Tariff 

Shopper Tariff
Monday - Sunday
0 - 1 Hr £1.60
1 - 2 Hrs £3.20
2 - 3 Hrs £4.00
3 - 5 Hrs £5.00
5 - 7 Hrs £6.00
7 - 8 Hrs £9.60

Visitors can pay by cash or card (AMEX not accepted) 


Headroom Limit - 2.135m


Disabled Parking Spaces

Frenchgate Shopping Centre is geared towards accessibility to all, which is why all three car parks; Rooftop, Multi-Storey and Rail provide disabled car parking spaces. Please note: Disabled car parking use is charged at the same rate as all other car park users.

Motorbike Parking

Frenchgate Shopping Centre has two designated Motorbike Parking spaces on Level 2 of the multi-storey car park near the exit barriers.

Park Mark®

The Frenchgate Shopping Centre has received the Park Mark®, which is the accredited logo of Safer Parking Scheme. This is given to parking facilities such as Doncaster Frenchgate that have achieved the requirements of a risk assessment conducted by the Police and the British Parking Association. 

Their assessments include management and maintenance of the facility, checking that there are appropriate levels of surveillance, lighting, signage and cleanliness.  All these are known to reduce the opportunity for crime and thus create a safer environment for the motorist and their vehicle.

Frenchgate Corporate Parking Pass

Are you a local store, retailer or businesses in Doncaster? Do you drive into work? Did you know you could save you up to £160 a month with Frenchgates Corporate Pass!

Find out how and start saving.

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