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  • The user and attendant where applicable will agree to return the wheelchair to the Customer Service Desk when the hire is completed and will notify the Customer Service staff of any issue that prevents them from doing so via 01302 368335
  • The hirer and attendant will only take the wheelchair out of the Frenchgate Centre to access the shops on the exterior perimeter of the centre and the centre car parks.
  • The hirer and attendant where applicable, will not leave the wheelchair unattended at any time or obstruct any access to entrances, stairs, escalators, lifts or fire exits.
  • The hirer will not use the wheelchair on escalators or stairs.  They will not free wheel down gradients or intentionally use the wheelchair on loose or uneven ground.
  • The user or attendant will use both brakes when securing the wheelchair, as using a single brake may compromise the stability of the chair.
  • The hirer will use the wheelchair safely, keeping their feet on the footplates whilst the wheelchair is in motion and not standing on the footplates at any time.
  • The wheelchair user will not allow any other person to ride on the chair with them either in the seat or on the rear stepper - the rear tubing used to tip the chair backward to alight on to and descend from pavements etc. This includes children who old enough to walk unaided and pets.
  • The wheelchair user and any attendant will not overload the rear handles or the wheelchair with personal items and shopping that may cause a compromise to the wheelchair’s centre of gravity and risk instability, overbalancing or tipping to the user.
  • The wheelchair will only be used to carry one passenger, whose weight will not exceed 17 stones or 107.955 kilograms.
  •  If hiring an attendant-propelled wheelchair, the user must be accompanied and supported by an adult or 18 or over, who is capable of using the wheelchair effectively and is willing to take responsibility for the wheelchair and its occupant.
  • The wheelchair user will use the wheelchair in a safe and diligent manner, with care and attention to other pedestrians and centre users.
  •  The period of hire for the morning slot is from 9:00am onwards and no later than 1.00pm
  • The period of hire for the afternoon slot is from 1.00pm onwards and no later than 5.00pm
  •  Wheelchair hire is not available outside these hours without prior arrangement with and the agreement of the Frenchgate Centre Management Team.
  • The hirer and/or attendant where applicable will be responsible for the cost of any repairs due damage incurred during the hire that is caused by misuse or neglect.
  • The Frenchgate Shopping Centre reserves the right to refuse hire where necessary.
  • A £5/£10 deposit will be required in addition to your rental price.

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