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You may have noticed it has been buzzing around the centre recently and it’s all for a very important reason! This year, Frenchgate wanted to take the opportunity to symbolise the significance of bees and everything they do for the planet.

The importance of bees is quite substantial, that is why they have been studied so thoroughly. There are more than 20,000 species of bee and almost 90% of wild plants and 75% of leading global crops depend on animal pollination.

Over the coming months, Frenchgate will highlight how we can all do our bit to help bees and in turn our planet. We want to get you talking with friends and family about these amazing creatures and how we can make our wild spaces more bee-friendly.

Karen Staniforth, Frenchgate General Manager, said: “As always we want to give Frenchgate shoppers a multi-sensory experience and an opportunity to engage customers of all ages. It made sense to use bees as this year’s theme as there is no better time than now to be aware of how the planet works and how we can help.

“Bee conservation is a great example of what we can do for our planet because of how beneficial they are to the ecosystem. Here at Frenchgate we want you to get involved with us in helping enhance Doncaster’s green credentials! We plan to demonstrate how we can all be more mindful of our carbon footprint and how we can do our bit for the planet.

“And with The Queen’s Jubilee coming up, it made sense to tie in the wonderful bee theme for the many exciting events happening this year.”

There are so many products that bees play a huge part in producing for us humans but honey, propolis and royal jelly have long been used in beauty, health and medicinal products. Here are just a few that Frenchgate has available for you.


Honey, Propolis & Royal Jelly 

Manuka Honey is often used for its wound healing properties, so why not try out this Comvita Manuka Honey (1) from Boots, perfect if you prefer a natural remedy.

Or if you want to be kind to your hair and the planet, why not opt for the Ultimate Blends Honey Shampoo Bar (2) from Wilko – a fantastic plastic-free way to take care of your locks.

If you have been feeling under the weather lately and you have been struck down with a cold, these Bee Health Propolis Lozenges (3) from Holland and Barrett are ideal for treating a sore throat and cough!

 And if you’re struggling to soothe your lips in this cold weather, this Honey Trap Lip Balm (4) from Lush is a natural way to keep your lips hydrated and soft.


With bees playing such a huge part of our day-to-day life, expect to see a hive of activity around Frenchgate in the coming months. From educational workshops to bee drawing tutorials, there will be something to interest everyone in the family!

Watch this space!

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