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Make your costume the scariest of them all

Create realistic special effects looks such as bruises, cuts and scars with the Revolution Dark Reign Eyeshadow Pallete available at Dazzle Perfume & Cosmetics. 

It’s not just the humans that want to show their scary side this Halloween. Build-a-Bear has a huge range of Halloween toys and accessories such as T-shirts and headbands so our cuddly friends can join in on the fun.

Look as fantastic as you do spooky with a long sleeve bodycon skeleton dress from Next.

Have your house looking like the most haunted on the street.

Guests at your home won’t want to get on the wrong side of you when they see the animated legs of a witch stuck inside a magic cauldron available from Wilko.

Add a supernatural flair to your selfies. WHSmith has Hooty Balloo Halloween props to take your party pictures to the next level.

Trick or treat yourself, not just your neighbours

Sainsbury’s have you covered for sweet treats this Halloween, such as delicious Cadbury’s Goo Heads and Pumpkin Patch Cakes 

America knows how to celebrate Halloween, and you can impress with international treats like Reece’s Pumpkins and Brach’s Candy Corn from American Candy.

Grab a Spooktacular Halloween Gift Pack from Chuckling Cheese for the scariest but tastiest treats from Lurkin’ Gherkins to Reaper’s Revenge Chilli Jam.

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