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There is no escaping Barbie-mania ahead of its much-anticipated release, and we’re on hand to help you live your best Barbie life. Stores across Frenchgate are filled with all sorts of pink and fabulous products from clothing, food, toys and much more. Check out some items we have hand-picked that you can find right here in the Centre to get you in the mood for the film’s big release on Friday.

Get ready to hit the beach with the Entertainer.

We all love heading to the coast on a hot summer day and so does Beach Day Barbie, available at The Entertainer. You can have hours of fun dressing Barbie in her swimsuit, sandals, sarong, hat, and tote bag. She also comes with plenty of beach-friendly accessories such as sunscreen lotion, lipstick, ice cream cone and a smartphone. 


Enjoy a playfully pink bath time with Lush.

The creamy candy bubble bar will turn your bathtub into a pool of pink (just as Barbie would want) and infused with aromas of vanilla and bubblegum. You will feel amazing afterwards as cocoa butter leaves your skin soft and silky. 

Turn up the Ken-ergy at Superdrug.

Look like you belong in Barbie Land with the NYX Professional Makeup on-the-go shadow palette and mini butter lip gloss. The set features the cutest and brightest colours and as it is only the size of a credit card you will be able to ‘turn it up’ no matter where you are.


Bring the bling with Claire’s.

There might not be any water in Barbie Land, but there is in ours so make sure you stay hydrated and sparkly with this silver and pink tumbler from Claire’s. Featuring a pink straw and lid that twists off with ease it’s the perfect way to show off your Barbie credentials. 

Drink in pink with Starbucks.

Starbucks have one of the cutest ways to keep yourself cool this summer with the Pink Coconut Refresha Drink. Not only would it look perfect in Barbie Land, but all the Barbies and Kens would love the blend of fruit juice with strawberry and açai flavours, green coffee extract and strawberry slices with coconut drink.

H&M keeping you pretty in pink.

There’s no denying what vibe you are channelling with this light pink pyjama set with cerise pink Barbie logo print from H&M. The boxy t-shirt with dropped shoulders and straight-cut shorts are the perfect night-time look after watching the new Barbie film at the cinema. 

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