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What is happiness? Well, we could ask a thousand of you that very question and we are unlikely to find a definitive answer. Happiness is as individual as our fingerprints but it’s something we are all striving for. Scientists are starting to discover that what really makes us happy has nothing to do with what we have and everything to do with what we do.

This is where The Happiness Movement here at Frenchgate comes in. The Happiness Movement is about being passionate about positivity, saying no to negativity and joining together in a celebration of the things that make us feel good.

Whether it’s paying someone a compliment, treating yourself to a new look, having a coffee with an old friend  or just simply sharing a smile with a stranger (or friend you’ve yet to meet). We’re embracing all the ‘feel good’ aspects of life.

The Happiness Movement will introduce you to some amazing new spaces in centre, some fun family-friendly activities, and most of all, to each other. Say hello and be sure to tag us using #Frenchgateshareyourhappy

Play to win ! Share some happiness with our happiness App, tell a colleague how much you appreciate them or just send a lovely message to an old friend. Get playing and spread some joy for a chance to win a £500 gift card at the end of the Summer!!

Find iPads located outside Debenhams and outside Deichman in centre or follow this link: to make your own card now online!

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