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Pack away your sandals – autumn is upon us and it’s the perfect time to update your wardrobe with the season’s hottest footwear: boots! No matter your style, everyone looks great in a pair of boots and they’re versatile enough to wear through autumn, into the winter and beyond.

Check out some of our favourite upcoming trends available at Frenchgate below.

Wellington boots

Wellies are set to become one of the hottest trends of AW20. This season, wellies are out to prove that they’re not just for farmers and festivalgoers, and that they can look just as chic off the runway as they do on it. The classic wellington shape has been given an update for 2020 with an always-cool ‘90s twist, so expect to see chunky rubber designs everywhere you go.

How to wear:

These wellies are perfect for heavy-duty days, or, if you’re feeling daring, give a super dressed-up outfit an edgy twist.

We recommend:

Square-toed boots

The square toe trend has been seen on everything from heels to sandals, so it’s no surprise that heeled boots have quickly caught on to this trend too. Seen on many a runway these past few months, this style is not one to be missed if you’re the fashion-conscious type, or just want to impress the girls. Heeled boots are perfect for dressing up whatever you wear, whether you’re catching up with friends over coffee or hitting the town for a few cocktails.

How to wear:

Pair these with a smart pair of trousers or a mini-dress and head out for after-work drinks.

We recommend:

Lace-up/buckle boots

It’s impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing a pair of lace-up buckle boots at the moment and they’re versatile enough to wear with anything you want. Plus, if you want that extra level of durability – why not consider a pair of Doc Martens? Docs are unisex, classically cool and have yet to go out of fashion. With more styles on offer than you could count, there’s a pair of Docs out there for everyone, and they’ll last you a lifetime.

How to wear:

Days out, gigs and casual evenings with your friends.

We recommend:

Knee-high boots

Have knee-high boots ever even gone out of style? These boots are perfect for when ankle boots just don’t do it for you, and you feel like adding a slice of drama to your look – day-in, day-out. Knee-high styles are designed to elongate your body, so if you’ve been dreaming of having ‘legs for days’, this is your chance! Arguably the most comfortable style on this list, these boots always look stylish and are adaptable to whatever you’re wearing.

How to wear:

Pair these with jeans or leggings for a chic everyday look. Or add to a mini or midi dress to channel that 60's/70's glamour.

We recommend:

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are simple, yet timeless. A solid investment, Chelsea boots attract men and women alike and can transform a regular outfit into something altogether much more stylish. Whether you go for a classic leather black pair or experiment with the more neutral tones on trend this season, this style oozes easy elegance. Wearing a pair of Chelsea boots is the perfect way to bring a little London flair up to Sunny Donny.

How to wear:

Anywhere! These boots are versatile enough to wear wherever you go.

We recommend:

Western-style boots

This modern twist on old-school cowboy boots isn’t to be sniffed at – this trend is more runway than rodeo. Whether you go for a simple pair or go all out with fringing and snake print, these boots are equal parts retro yet edgy. Cool, current and eye-catching – this American-infused style is here to stay.

How to wear:

Wear on days you fancy getting just that little bit more dressed-up.

We recommend:

Do you have a staple pair of boots? Whether you like to keep it casual or dress it up, there’s a pair of boots out there for you in every shape, style and colour. All of these and more are available at the Frenchgate Centre – why not head in and check it out?

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