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Every New Year, your social media channels are probably filled with a whole host of individuals changing everything about themselves to start over for the year ahead, but what if you didn’t need to transform yourself to see positive results? At Frenchgate, we know making a difference isn’t always easy and we think small changes can have just as much of an impact on your lifestyle.

Take control this New Year and kickstart 2022 with new habits to make a positive difference for the rest of the year. Find something you love to do and take action, even if it’s just one small change. From joining the gym, to making more time for yourself, Frenchgate have got you covered!



Taking on a new fitness regime can be a daunting process, but Frenchgate are here to ease you in and make it easier for you.

Start off your fitness journey with the right outfit and be prepared for whatever your new venture throws at you with the Reebok workout ready pant program high rise leggings (1) from JD.

Comfort is key when working out so make sure you have the perfect pair of trainers like the NIKE Legend Essential 2 Men's Training Shoe (2) from Sports Direct.

Or, if you’re all set and eager to get yourself into the gym, the DO IT membership (3) at The Gym Group would be the perfect way to start off your fitness journey.



Using organisation is a great way to take control and plan your best year yet. Small changes to your personal organisation can have a huge impact on your lifestyle.

Start by organising your weeks with the 12M Maps Medium Weekly Note Diary 2022 (4) from Waterstones – Ideal for keeping on top of your plans and making the most of your time.

Or do you need to see your yearly plans in front of you, get organised with a Cork Board and Accessories (5) from The Works – perfect for creating visual mood boards.

Eating healthy


A great way to make a small change is healthier eating habits. Frenchgate want to make the adjustment into a healthier lifestyle as easy as possible.

Channel your inner chef and try out some new recipes to gently introduce yourself into new diet habits with the Pinch of Nom Comfort Food (6) recipe book from Waterstones.

Or if you’re finding it hard enough to adjust back into day-to-day life after the New Year, Sainsburys have a huge selection of nutritional ready meals with their My Goodness range (7) – Ideal for healthy on-the-go meals without the effort.



If you’re looking for a challenge this year, Veganuary is a brilliant way to test your will power. So why not go vegan and make a difference to yourself as well as the added bonus of doing your bit for the environment.

If you’re a die-hard cheese lover and don’t think you could tackle Veganuary without a cheese kick, Chuckling Cheese have you covered with theirVegan Friendly Hamper (8) – the perfect way to go vegan and keep your cheese cravings at bay.

Be sure to keep on top of taking your vitamins whilst taking part in Veganuary to make sure your body is receiving everything It needs with the Holland & Barrett Vegan Multivitamin & Mineral 60 Tablets (9) from Holland and Barrett.

And if you’re someone who plans their days around their caffeine kicks and need a way to keep your favourite beverages in your life, then Starbucks have your back with their non-dairy range (10). The perfect way to continue to enjoy your daily pick me ups.

Dry January


If your body is begging you to detox after a crazy holiday season, then Frenchgate can help you stay sober this January.

If you love a girl’s night in but don’t want to drink fizzy pop all night, Sainsburys has the solution with their alcohol-free options like the new Gordon's Alcohol-Free Gin (11) – so you can keep having fun, without the guilt.

Or if you’re trying to avoid drinking all together, instead of a cocktail night, opt for a coffee date instead at The Latte Lounge (12). A great alternative to catch up with your nearest and dearest, whilst sticking to your Dry January plans.


Maybe your only goal this year is to take more time to look after yourself and find some self-love – We are here to help! It’s important to put ourselves first sometimes and Frenchgate love playing a part in making you feel empowered.

A great way to take care of yourself is to cut down on screen time with a good book to channel some positivity. Waterstones have the best selection of feel-good reads like the Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness (13) ­or the You Got This Cards (14)– a perfect way to inject some affirmation into your daily routine!

One of the best ways of providing yourself with some self-love is with a good old pamper session. Lush have everything you need to show yourself some love, including their Self Love Club Giftset (15). So why not treat yourself and have something to look forward to this January.


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