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Join us in our giant garden where larger than life characters can’t wait to welcome you.

Don’t miss this fun-filled garden party, full of unbee-lievable games and crafts. Learn all about pollination with our bee games, create a crown of flowers in our craft corner and take home wildflower seeds to plant at home.

3rd & 4th June


Join us at the Queen Bee’s Jubilee Garden Party!

Frenchgate has planned a fun-filled Garden Party set within an opulent green garden oasis, offering an unbee-lievable experience for the whole family this Jubilee weekend.

The event will take place outside Waterstones in the Upper mall on the 3rd and 4th of June from 11 am until 4 pm.

The Queen Bee’s Jubilee Garden Party will amaze children and families as they enter the interactive space, hosted underneath a giant green leaf! 

Visitors will be greeted by three larger-than-life garden characters who will welcome them into the Royal Garden Party, where there will be an array of activities to get involved in.

Bee games will encourage children to learn all about pollination, while in the craft corner, visitors can create a crown of flowers. There will also be a seed wall where free packets of wildflower seeds can be taken to plant at home!

So, if you want the royal treatment this Jubilee weekend, join us at Frenchgate!


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