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Welcome to shopping’s new normal.

With the opening of Frenchgate's non-essential shops imminent on the 15th June, we have put in place a series of guidelines to keep you, and all of our staff, as safe as possible when shopping around the centre.

Check out the video below to see our safe re-opening guidelines in action!



Hand sanitiser stations are situated throughout, both on malls and in stores - we urge you to use them whenever possible. Share the love, not the virus - keep your hands clean.

Walk This Way

Keep an eye out for directional posters and floor graphics throughout your time in Frenchgate. Ensure that you keep left at all times when walking around the centre, as well as on stairways and make sure you follow any one-way systems when instructed to do so.

Keep things moving and please do not stop in any of the hazard taped areas.

Please Be Patient

Queues and longer waiting times are the new normal so please bear with stores, staff and other customers during this time. Follow all signs when in and around our stores to keep yourself and others safe.

Respect My Space

Be sure to keep a 2-metre distance between yourself and others at all times.

We Have Lift Off

Please follow the signs and instructions when using our lifts. Make sure there is no more than the maximum number instructed in any lift at one time and be sure to stand in the corners, away from others, where the floor graphics have been placed.

We’ve Got It Covered

All touch points around the centre: pay stations, vending machines, children’s rides etc, are cleaned using a special anti-microbial surface shield called Zoono. This spray keeps surfaces clean for 30 days.

On top of this, our cleaners are working hard to go over all areas of the malls on a regular basis to make sure we are keeping clean and safe.


An enjoyable and comfortable shopping experience is our top priority right now, we want everyone visiting the centre, shoppers, and staff alike, to feel as safe and confident as they possibly can.

Not all stores will necessarily be open immediately, so we advise that you check on individual store pages or social media channels before you make your trip. Some food and drink retailers will be open but for takeaway and delivery services only.

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