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KFC, the home of chicken, at KFC we use only whole chicken and coat each portion with our own original recipe coating with 11 herbs and spices.

Our whole chicken pieces— breast, drumsticks, wings, and thighs—are hand breaded (with our amazing secret herbs and spices) in-store. Our specially trained cooks have two minutes after breading to get it in the fryer because we believe in making sure your chicken is as fresh as it should be.

We recognise the role we play in improving the nation's diet, and as a Public Health Responsibility Deal partner we're committed to help people make healthier choices. We have clear labels with nutrition information so you can leave the calorie counter at home and we are continually reducing salt and fat levels across our menu. We do not directly target our marketing at children, and in fact our kids menu offers fruit drinks and beans, which both count as one of their five-a-day.

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