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Love is in the air at Frenchgate this month as visitors are asked to ‘lock in’ their love of the centre at a special birthday event.

Taking inspiration from The Padlock Bridge in Paris, shoppers will be able to affix a padlock to a dedicated wall as a sign of their love for the centre.

Formerly known as the Arndale Centre, Frenchgate is celebrating its fiftieth birthday with several events throughout 2018 and are also asking customers to share their memories of the mall throughout the years.

Maria Hinchcliffe, 28 from Doncaster, had her very first date at Frenchgate at the age of 16 in the Woolworths café and will be the first person to ‘lock in’ her love at the event.

She said: “Frenchgate holds fond memories for me, especially because it’s the place where I met my husband. Little did I know that date, over a breakfast in Woolies, would see us now married with two children!

“As a teenager, I would go and meet friends at the centre – we’d all meet by the fountain and spend hours just wandering around. Now, we continue to make new memories at Frenchgate, including a recent visit with our two little girls, who got to meet Santa!”

Paddy Mellon, said: “Throughout 2018, we will be celebrating 50 years of Frenchgate heritage with a series of special events. We really want to say a huge thank you to all the people who’ve supported us throughout the years and hope that they will join us in our year of festivities.

“We’ve been asking shoppers to share their memories of the centre and had a fantastic response so far. We loved hearing Maria’s story in particular – it really demonstrates how Frenchgate is a central hub for the community and plays such a big part in many people’s lives.”

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