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  • G.P Referral
  • Personal Trainer level 3
  • Advance Boxercise

Experience & Philosophy:

I have been passionate about sports and exercise for many years, In addition to my gym based experience I have played for my town and county for both rugby and basketball at junior level. I have been trained in a variety of martial arts including Thai Boxing, Boxing and BJJ.

My 3 specialist styles of training are: High Intensity Training (HIIT) which I use mainly for weight management and a healthier body type and look. Pure stength training, building more bulk and improving power and looking at lifting at max capacity. Hypertrophy to help muscle building by tearing and repairing the muscle.

I have also worked on the medical side and trained people who were in need of rehabilitation, people with obesity, diabetes, arthrtis, heart related conditions and also the visualy impaired and deaf clients.

I have vast experience and I will help you reach your goals.


  • Referral Work
  • Rehabilation work
  • Fat loss
  • Sports Specific / Strength


Mobile: 07515265912

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