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Frenchgate plays host to Les Monaghan and The Desire Project

The Desire Project is funded by Arts Council England for exhibition in the Frenchgate Centre in 2016. The artist, Les Monaghan, is interested in what it means to live today. He is using Doncaster to explore this, and aims for the widest audience, especially reaching those who may not actively access art. Exhibiting at the Frenchgate Centre with its large footfall satisfies this. He is making large portraits of members of the public and combining these with their desires. The final exhibit aims to question what we value as a society in a space dedicated to consumption.

Do you want to be part of this amazing project? Les will be photographing volunteers outside Starbucks every Wednesday afternoon until February 10 2016, 1pm - 5pm. So come down, take part and help us create something truly amazing

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