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Designers Name: Doncopolitan & St Johns Hospice

Category: Sensory Garden  

Description of Garden:

This is an interactive garden featuring a phone box amongst a Japanese zen memorial garden withforget-me-not flowers.

The concept is inspired by 70 year old Japanese gardener Itaru Sasaki who who created the original phone box in his home of Otsuchi Town to cope with the death of his cousin. The phone box gave him a private space to cope with the grief he was experiencing. The phone box became known as the “phone on the wind” and many people began visiting the site to connect with lost love ones.

In 2011 the tsunami devastated many areas in Japan, news of the phone box gradually spread and people from various parts of Japan began to visit and it is now believed that the phone box has helped 1000s of people cope with bereavement across the world.

Nurse Chloe Mawsom and local artist Rachel Horne who work at St John’s Hospice came up with the concept of the “forget me not garden” as a tribute to Itaru Sasaki but to also let raise awareness to the hospice.

“We hope that this garden makes a fitting tribute to the original creator Itaru Sasaki whilst creating a space for members of the public visiting Frenchgate to remember and write a message for loved ones”.

Designer Bio:

Rachel Horne is a local artists and co-founder of Doncopolitan Magazine. She has worked at St John’s Hospice as a Arts and Crafts Therapist for the last four years.

Chloe Mawson - is a specialist palliative care, nurse who has worked at St John’s Hospice for the last eight years.

You can see Doncopolitan & St Johns Hospice garden unveiled at our Frenchgate Flower Show LIVE Friday 26th May – Sunday 11th June.

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