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Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, all around Doncaster the iconic red hearts are appearing and we can already feel that love is in the air! This season of romance signifies the start of loving and giving gestures, The Fragrance Shop is no different!

This February, in the run up to the big day (The 14th just in case you forgot) our Fragrance Shop will be offering a staggering 60% selected items such as Burberry Touch and Adam Lavine. What better way to make sure your Valentines Ready?

And if that’s not enough, Jeanette, Manager at The Fragrance Shop Frenchgate has given us two exclusive feature fragrances. Joop! WOW!, (The scent that makes the man) and   DKNY, Be Delicious Brooklyn Girl range.

Lets take a closer look at these two sensational scents


A vibrant, exciting fragrance for the free-spirited man who has nothing to prove, to himself or to others.The Joop! man has natural charisma and is a man of power. The only thing missing is the finishing touch, one drop of Joop! WOW! and he becomes irresistible, creating the WOW! effect wherever he goes. 

A fresh-woody fragrance, JOOP! WOW! awakens all the senses with exquisite ingredients including captivating notes of citrussy Bergamot and spicy Cardamom fused with masculine Vetiver and warm Vanilla. A sensitive combination of spice and effervescent freshness, JOOP! WOW! creates an intoxicating trail, full of masculinity and intensity. 

DKNY Be Delicious Girl 

DKNY, Be Delicious Brooklyn Girl

The Brooklyn Girl is not afraid to take risks and sees fashion as a work of art. With notes of Blueberry, Freesia and Amber, Be Delicious Brooklyn Girl is an artsy edgy fragrance.

DKNY, Be Delicious Chelsea Girl

The Chelsea Girl’s style combines layered clothing with a relaxed aesthetic and classic touches. With notes of Black Rose, Orchid and Musk, Be Delicious City Chelsea Girl is a quirky classic fragrance.

DKNY, Be Delicious Nolita Girl

The Nolita Girl’s fashion influence is underground street style and icons of modern pop culture. With notes of Raspberry, Magnolia and Sandalwood, Be Delicious Nolita Girl is a modern pop fragrance.

Make sure you swing by The Fragrance Shop before the 14th February to bag yourself a bargain. The Fragrance Shop is located on the First Floor next to Vision Express and KCRS. 

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