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The first in a new Dales school series by Gervase Phinn is always something to look forward to with relish …

A new teacher - young, male, a sportsman - takes up a position at Risingdale School and instantly sets the tongues a’wagging.  He is looking for something new in his life, and teaching just could be the answer.  

Tom Dwyer doesn’t know how his life will change, although he gets a faint idea from the beginning, when he finds out how difficult a place the school is to find – up narrow, twisting roads and famously above the snow line in winter.     If only, as an incomer, he wasn’t quite so forensically inspected by everyone he meets - from the bar maid to the farmer’s son who helps extract his car from a ditch … an accident that occurred while he was searching for the village; one that wasn’t Tom’s fault, but that was reported widely to everyone before he had even checked into the pub.

However, undaunted, he is determined to do his best and make a difference to both the school and his pupils. He needs to, because Risingdale School is on the list of one that might be closed down. Can charm, energy, intuition and a great deal of luck save their future?

Gervase Phinn writes novels that warm hearts and makes smiles rise.   His understanding of schools, children and the Yorkshire Dales is drawn from his own experience and his love of education (and life’s often strange lessons) enriches his writing from beginning to end. This is the start of another new adventure that will be welcomed widely by his ever-expanding number of loyal readers.

Grab your copy from WH Smiths, Frenchgate, located on both the upper and lower mall, opposite TK Maxx from 22nd February 2018.

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