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To coincide with Boots Frenchgate launching their Malaria Prevention Service just in time for the busy summer holiday period, we thought it only fitting to run through everything Boots has to offer to ensure a safe and health trip for you and the family. 

So how can Boots help me?

Boots have a host of specially trained travel health Pharmacists. This allows them to provide you with all the advice and information you will need for your trips away, covering everything from vaccinations to malaria prevention, all tailored to you and your travel plans 

Do I need to book an appointment?

Boots offer a flexible approach to appointments and it isn’t always necessary to book in advance. Consultations are available at short term notice provided your Pharmacist is available.

Boots offer convenient appointment’s that suit you, this covers mornings, evenings and weekends depending on store opening times. Your pharmacist may be able to see you straight away and even close to your departure date, so it’s always worth checking,

Should you required a little more reassurance you can always book yourself an appointment. You can do this online at It’s as easy as entering the details of your trip. Boots website will quickly check whether malaria prevention medication or vaccinations should be considered. It really is as simple as that. 

Did you know? If you are a Boots advantage card holder you can collect points from this service. 

How does it work?

  1. Visit your local Boots Pharmacy, ideally around 6-8weeks prior to travel. This allows Boots enough times to arrange any vaccinations or medicines that you may need
  2. Answer a few short questions around when and where you are travelling. This will allow the Pharmacist to assess what vaccinations, if any, you will need
  3.  If you require any vaccinations or malaria prevention medicated, a more detailed consultation will then follow.
  4. Finally, your pharmacist will be able to give you and vaccinations, medicines and advice to ensure a happy healthy trip. 

For a list of all vaccinations available or for more information please visit the Boots website or talk to your Boots health care team.  

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