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What is #PaperDolls?

#PaperDolls is a new and exclusive interactive game by The Frenchgate Shopping Centre. Users can enter there details at to create their very own virtual Paper Doll. You can chose their gender, ethnicity and even their hairstyle creating a fully customizable experience.

Once you are happy with your #PaperDolls appearance you can dress and style him/her in various garments from a selection of our 120 retailers. You can choose from tops and t-shirts, dresses and dungarees, shirts and skirts, even hats and handbags along with everything in-between.

When your Doll is all dressed up and ready to attack the summer you can enter your details submit your entry. Just before you hit enter we will make sure you are happy with your fashion selections and give you a summary of the pieces you have chosen (Just in case something takes your fancy and you need to pop in centre and buy it ;) ).

Once you have dressed your doll and entered you can share your creation in with your friends on social media and double your chances of winning this fantastic competition or simply dress another doll!

What are you waiting for, your summer wardrobe awaits! Hurry…. And of course…. Good luck

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