Earth Day arrives at Frenchgate.

Here at Frenchgate we are celebrating our planet and helping to protect it for future generations as part of Our Planet Pledge.

Love finding a deal? Lush’s recycling scheme ‘Bring It Back’ is both great for the environment and your pockets. Shoppers can return five full-sized plastic Lush containers and swap them for a favourite facemask of their choice, completely free of charge.

Lush also has a range of ‘Naked’ reusable shampoo bars to choose from, which have no packaging whatsoever. Customer bestseller ‘Honey I Washed My Hair’ features a sweet scent and bergamot oil, which is perfect to leave you feeling super clean and fresh as we get into the spring season.

To delve deeper into learning about what Earth Day is all about, book-lovers favourite Waterstones have a range of books for kids and adults alike, which celebrate everything that makes our earth so special.

Fun filled picture book ‘Earth Day: An Alphabet Book’ is great for entertaining the little ones, whilst they can learn about the different species, we share our home with.

Time for a spring clean? If you can’t repair those old shoes and want to avoid chucking past their- best holey socks away, H&M have garment collection points in store, and you’ll even receive a £5 voucher for recycling your old clothes.

Roughly 1% of materials used to make clothes get recycled each year, so you can do your part whilst giving your wardrobe that much needed clear-out. 

With recycling of course comes reusing and repairing, so instead of buying new, maybe this Earth Day is your time to consider opting for that much needed fix up.

Local watch specialist with over 20 years of experience, Precise Time Watch Repairs is here at Frenchgate to see to your needs, whether it be battery replacements or water resistance testing, you can sit back while this friendly team of experts get things ticking nicely again.

If you fancy a bit of sparkle, Pandora has you covered, and they even have some earth-themed trending charms such as this stunning ‘Blue Planet Dangle Charm’ which can certainly make a shining addition to their iconic charm bracelet ‘Pandora Moments’.

A subtle engraving features on this new charm, ‘’Supporting Young Voices’’ which symbolises unity and connection worldwide.

So, why not celebrate the planet for years to come, with a lasting addition to your jewellery collection, or a thoughtful gift for a planet-conscious loved one. 

After a busy shopping spree, you are likely in need of a little pick me up. Whether you are a straight up Americano drinker, or you are more a whipped cream, marshmallows and the works sort of person, Costa has all the options.

Even better, if you bring along your own coffee cup to Costa, you’ll also get an extra bean with the Costa Club points system.

This means only four coffees until a free one, and you are saving on plastic waste. Win-Win.

You can even pick up a reusable cup in-store.